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Yoga Studio

Please join us in our warm, welcoming yoga community of mindful restorative practices, challenging classes and everything in between to improve your physical health and mental well being.


At THE HOTROOM, we invite you to explore your freedom as we guide you towards connection with your inner self through healing movement.


Our practice balances the solar and lunar energies that keep us in harmony with our mind, body and soul.

Our Studio
Child's Pose



Hatha means Sun + Moon, opposing energies that complete each other to create wholeness. Hatha yoga helps us create inner harmony and balance.



THE HOTROOM Yoga Studio is a warm, welcoming environment where everyone is accepted and belongs.



All our certified instructors will guide & encourage you to honour yourself, your practice & your body.


Connecting our mind + body through breath & movement reaches our inner being, our soul. Together at THE HOTROOM, let's discover the magic of yoga.


Tried and true since 2014.

THE HOTROOM offers blended yoga classes, heated and unheated classes, barre, pilates and other strength classes.

Hot Yoga

Our Bikram inspired class practices Hatha poses in a set sequence that works every muscle, ligament and body system to increase mental clarity, focus and flexibility in a challenging heated environment (95-105'F).

Suitable for all levels.

Vin + Yin

This class blends Warm Yin and Vinyasa making it the perfect combination of the Yin Yang energies. This is the next step to advance after Warm Yin.

Suitable for all levels.

Transformation 108

Shed old conditioning by releasing and letting go followed with a period of surrender. An unfolding of your mind, body and spirit. An unguided class practicing 108 Sun Salutations in the heat with pranayama and meditation. The number 108 is significant and sacred in Hinduism meaning spiritual completion. This is a heated class.

Suitable for all levels.

Hot Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa refers to the alignment of breath with movement to create a dynamic, flowing form of yoga. Poses are held for a specific number of breaths before moving on to the next pose; Vinyasa also refers to the movements or series of movements done between each pose in the series. This is a heated class (95-105').

Intermediate Practitioners
Or Slow Flow for beginners.


This is a high intensity practice blending all three hot classes - beginning with Vinyasa followed by Pilates and finishing with Hatha and Yin yoga. Yogalates© is a full body workout with no repetitive movements. This is a heated class (90’F).

Advanced Practitioners

Other Heated

Hot Barre 

Hot Pilates Mat 

Hot Combo

Move + Stretch

Suitable for all levels.

Warm Yin

Yin is a slow paced, beautiful, calming class with passive poses targeting deep tissues, muscles and tendons. Poses are held in the gentle heat (85'F) for longer periods while focusing on breath.

Prenatals welcome.*

Suitable for all levels.

*Always inform your instructor before class begins.

the beginning of sun salutation A____yog
INFERNO Hot Pilates

IHP combines Pilates & HIIT principles performed in a room heated to 90'F with humidity. This is an intense, full body workout designed to strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. This is a challenging class.

Advanced Practitioners.

woman in black tank top and black shorts
Unheated Classes


Cardio + Sculpt 



Suitable for all levels.

Download our App and book classes online.


All instructors at THR are fully certified offering an authentic depth in practice.

To date, the studio has over twenty different types of group classes from ten different instructors! Our variety in classes means there is a class for everyone and every ability, from restorative & healing to high intensity & strength building or anything in between.


Michélè Heath


Lead Instructor & Teacher Trainer

Michélè earned her 200 hour teacher training designation in 2013 and has since added various other training such as Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Hot Pilates. THE HOTROOM opened in Kindersley, SK, in December 2014 and in less than four years, earned the ‘Experienced’ instructor title reaching 1000 hours of teaching time; as of today, the total is nearly 2000 teaching hours.

CYA-RYS200 (1)_edited.jpg
Meditation Group


Become a certified yoga instructor.

In 2020, THE HOTROOM Hot Yoga Teacher Training curriculum was created under the Yoga Alliance standards in order to become an internationally approved training school (RYS200) and continuing education provider to those already carrying their designation (YACEP).

Available training:

Hot Yoga Certification 200 hours

Hot Vinyasa Flow Continuing Education 30 hours

Yogalates© Certification 100 hours

CYA-RYS200 (1)_edited.jpg


Our Story

Having a hot yoga studio was a dream that turned into a passion. 


At the time, my current exercise left me feeling depleted and I began the search to find something new. I stumbled across an image of a person dripping in sweat while practicing yoga. I was intrigued. 


My first hot yoga class was in Saskatoon, SK.... and I was hooked! I felt amazing. Like all the excess was rinsed away.


I decided to replicate the experience at home until I could take training. Each morning at 4:30am, I heated my bathroom with a space heater and humidifier, went back to bed for an hour, then practiced for 90min. Once I took the training I knew this practice had value that needed to be shared. 


Of all the demands we make of our body in a day, yoga is the reward and the gratitude you show towards it. 

It's self love, repair and restorative.

The hour is an opportunity to take a moment for yourself, your health and well being. 

And eventually an internal shift happens and the practice moves with you off the mat and into the rest of your life.

What if you love it?



Say hello or send us a question.

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1001 B Main Street, Kindersley, SK, S0L1S0 | Txt: 306.512.8714

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